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The World Book TutorVision
an Intellivision rarity.

I was lucky enough to find this great piece of videogame history at a garage sale in a suburb of Chicago in May of 2005. It came with two TutorVision games and an Intellivision Golf game. I had no idea how rare it was when I bought it. The woman I bought it from did not know much about it except that it had been sitting unused in their house for years.

When I got it home I tested it and found it to be in excellent working condition. I also found Ted Brunner's web site, he had previously found another complete TutorVision in May of 1997 at a thrift store. His came without any of the games. You can see Ted's web page (Ted's webpage is 404). I heard someone has another working TutorVision with a couple of games that has the TutorVision controllers but no top case. I would imagine the Blue Sky Rangers probably have one as well. If anyone has more info on other TutorVision master components or games please email me. I'd like to determine how many still exist if at all possible.

The TutorVision will also play regular Intellivision games as well as the third party games that will not play on an Intellivision II. Externally it is similar to the first Intellivision model. The differences include an LED between the Reset button and power switch, and of course the color and logos. It has no stickers or markings on the bottom. Inside there are fewer chips on the main board compared to the orginal Master Component and it also has a revised operating system called REX that allows for a half size proportional font to support the TutorVision games. There is more info in an old issue of the Intellivision Lives newsletter.

The controllers are permanently attached and have bubble style keys that offer a little tactile feedback.

These are the games I have - Shapes in Space and Map Mazes
Both are fairly simple games for children

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