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Pac-Man Bedding & Towels

Thanks to Austin the Beat Goddess we know have this great Pac-Land pillowcase.
It's real heavy material, like a tote bag without a handle.

Pac Man sheet set, one can always have pleasant dreams on these

The most common sheet design.

Ah, the fun at a sleepover and being the envy of your friends with this awesome Pac-Man sleeping bag, what could be better?

Luckily we bought 2 of these, one for Chuck and one for his dad, who kept his pristine in the closet and about two years ago gave it back to us.

This one was found by a friend of ours in Florida. One of the ghosts looks really crazy on this one, what's with those eyes rolling every which way?

A third pac-man beach towel, The lower Pac-Man looks like Nancy when she sees a pie

Spiffy Pac-man curtains, perfect for the guest room.

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