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Pac-Man Clothes page 1

Nice 80's style girls tee. Ms Pac-man is posing with a couple of ghost studs

Namco Pac-Man Funcrafters tee. I found this at a garage sale and also met a nice Namco employee

Royal Desserts promotional mailaway shirt. Unfortunately we don't have one of these. It looks like cherry is Pac-Mans favorite, it's tasty right out of the box

These shirts were printed up by Videogex- Video Game Exchange. A great place for old video games. You can find them through our links page.

Kids pants, bummer they don't fit me

A couple of T-Shirt designs from Video Game Exchange now in our old hometown of Stockton, CA.

We took this picture way back when we only had a few items. I like to wear the stocking cap when I'm out shoveling

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