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Pac-Man Arcade Marquees

The big kahuna of video games

The big kahuna-ette and the first improvement to the Pac-man theme. The AI was improved to make pattern memorization useless.

Originally Pac-man was relaeased as Puck-man in the USA. Someone fortunately realized that Puck was too easy to deface into a common obscenity and kept it as Pac-man. I remember a couple of Puck-Man machines at Chuck E. Cheese's in Stockton in the early 80's.

Original flyer for the Pac-Man arcade standup

A friend had this made for us. It's a promotional Pac-Man pinball flyer painted on a large 2'x3' board. It's awesome.

Awesome card from the Japanese Pac-Man. I don't have this but I was able to get a picture.

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