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Chuck's Classic video games for sale
Featuring Atari 2600, 7800, and 5200

Updated February 7, 2010

Looking for a system? Having problems with yours? Can't hook your Atari to your TV?
Please visit my Atari FAQ It covers the most frequently asked questions I receive.

The Zutco RF adapter plugs onto the end of the Atari RF cable so you can connect it directly to the cable input on your TV.
For Atari 2600, 7800, Atari 8-bit Computers, 2 port 5200, ColecoVision, Intellivision, and other early systems with a phono plug style RF connector.

Games listed here are available for sale.
Please check our Cart List we are always willing to trade for items not in our personal collection.
Prices are based on condition and difficulty to acquire.
All games are priced loose - no box or manuals included
Manuals are $1.00 additional if available.
I ship via the United States Postal Service.

All games are play tested to make sure they work.
If label condition is important to you, ask and I'll try to give you an accurate description of the condition.
I may have a particular label variation too if you have a preference.

I apologize for any errors in the list.

Ordering Information
Email me with what you would like, and I'll check availability and email back with price and shipping charge.
Please include your Zip code or postal code so I can accurately calculate shipping.
I can take money orders, paypal, or if you are a Paypal member with a confirmed address, a credit card.

Paypal orders are shipped within 3 working days. If you pay by money order, I ship within 3 working days after payment arrives.

Carts and manuals are available separately.

I have quite a few extra manuals for games that aren't listed,
ask if you are looking for something special.

NEW indicates the game is new, still in the box.

All games are NTSC, unless marked PAL.
NTSC format games will play in North America, and Japan.

PAL is used in Europe and the UK.
SECAM is used in France, PAL games may work with SECAM

Atari 2600 carts will also play in an Atari 7800.

All manuals (if available) are $1.00 additional

Pac-Invaders 2.0 includes the manual
Atari 2600 Games   Available
Price Game Company Manual
$2.00 3D Tic Tac Toe Atari Ask
$3.00 Adventure Sears Ask
$3.00 Adventure Atari Ask
$1.00 Air Sea Battle Atari Ask


Alien 20th Century Fox Ask
$3.00 Arcade Pinball (same as Video Pinball) Sears Telegames Ask
$2.00 Astro Blast M-Network Ask
$1.00 Asteroids Atari Ask
$2.00 Asteroids Sears Ask
$2.00 Atlantis Atlantis Ask
$2.00 Barnstorming Activision Ask
$2.00 Baseball (same as Home Run) Sears Telegames Ask
$2.00 Basketball Atari Ask
$5.00 Big Bird's Egg Catch Atari Ask
$2.00 Berzerk Atari Ask
$2.00 Bowling Atari Ask
$2.00 Breakout Atari Ask
$3.00 Burgertime M-Netwok Ask
$4.00 California Games Epyx Ask
$3.00 Canyon Bomber Atari Ask
$3.00 Canyon Bomber Sears Ask
$2.00 Carnival Coleco Ask
$1.00 Casino Atari Ask
$5.00 Centipede Atari Ask
$1.00 Championship Soccer (No end lbl) Atari Ask
$2.00 Chopper Command Activision Ask
$2.00 Circus Sears Telegames Ask
$4.00 Coconuts Telesys Ask
$0.50 Combat Atari Ask
$3.00 Commando Raid US Games Ask
$2.00 Cosmic Ark Imagic Ask
$10.00 Crypts of Chaos 20th Century Fox Ask
$3.00 Crystal Castles Atari Ask
$3.00 Dark Cavern M-network Ask
$2.00 Decathlon (writing on label) Activision Ask
$2.00 Demon Attack Imagic Ask
$2.00 Demons to Diamonds Atari Ask
$2.00 Dig Dug Atari Ask
$2.00 Dodge 'em Atari Ask
$3.00 Donkey Kong Atari Ask
$8.00 Donkey Kong Jr. Coleco Ask
$3.00 Dragonfire Imagic Ask
$2.00 E.T. Atari Ask
$4.00 Encounter at L5 Data Age Ask
$2.00 Enduro Activision Ask
$3.00 Fire Fighter Imagic Ask
$1.00 Football Atari Ask
$1.00 Football Sears Telegames Ask
$2.00 Freeway Activision Ask
$3.00 Frogs and Flies M-network Ask
$4.00 Frogger Parker Bros Ask
$3.00 Galaxian Atari Ask
$8.00 Gangster Alley Spectravision Ask
$5.00 Ghostbusters Activision Ask
$2.00 Golf Atari Ask
$3.00 Grand Prix Activision Ask
$2.00 Gunslinger (same as Outlaw) Sears Telegames Ask
$2.00 Haunted House Atari Ask
$2.00 Human Cannonball Atari Ask
$3.00 Ice Hockey Activision Ask
$2.00 Indy 500 (req driving controller) Atari Ask
$1.00 Indy 500 (no end label) Atari Ask
$4.00 Journey Escape Data Age Ask
$3.00 Joust Atari Ask
$3.00 Jungle Hunt Atari Ask
$2.00 Kaboom Activision Ask
$2.00 Kangaroo Atari Ask
$3.00 Laser Blast Activision Ask
$3.00 Lock N' Chase M-Network Ask
$3.00 Mario Bros Atari Ask
$3.00 M*A*S*H 20th Century Fox Ask
$3.00 Math Gran Prix Atari Ask
$4.00 Math Gran Prix Sears Ask
$2.00 Maze Craze Atari Ask
$2.00 Megamania Activision Ask
$2.00 Miniature Golf Atari Ask
$1.00 Missile Command Atari Ask
$3.00 Moon Patrol Atari Ask
$1.00 Mouse Trap (poor label) Coleco Ask
$2.00 Ms Pac-man Atari Ask
$1.00 Night Driver Atari Ask
$2.00 Outer Space Sears Telegames Ask
$2.00 Outlaw Atari Ask
$2.00 Pac-man Sears Telegames Ask
$2.00 Pac-man Atari Ask
$13.00 Pac-Invaders 2.0 Zutco Included
$9.00 Pete Rose Baseball Absolute Ask
$3.00 Pitfall Activision Ask
$4.00 Plaque Attack Activision Ask
$2.00 Pole Position Atari Ask
$6.00 Porky's 20th Century Fox Ask
$2.00 Q*bert (poor label) Parker Bros Ask
$2.00 Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari Ask
$3.00 Reactor Parker Bros Ask
$1.00 RealSports Baseball Atari Ask
$1.00 RealSports Football Atari Ask
$2.00 RealSports Soccer Atari Ask
$1.00 RealSports Tennis (no end label) Atari Ask
$2.00 RealSports Volleyball Atari Ask
$4.00 Skateboarding Absolute Ask
$2.00 Skiing Activision Ask
$3.00 Sky Jinks Activision Ask
$1.00 Slot Racers Atari Ask
$3.00 Sneak and Peek US Games Ask
$13.00 Snoopy and the Red Baron Atari Ask
$2.00 Soccer Sears Ask
$3.00 Solar Fox CBS Ask
$2.00 Space Invaders Atari Ask
$2.00 Space Jockey US Games Ask
$1.00 Space War Atari Ask
$2.00 Speedway II Sears Telegames Ask
$2.00 Spider Fighter Activision Ask
$3.00 Spiderman Parker Bros Ask
$5.00 Squeeze Box US Games Ask
$2.00 Starmaster Activision Ask
$6.00 Star Raiders w/ keypad Atari Ask
$3.00 Star Ship Atari Ask
$2.00 Star Voyager Imagic Ask
$5.00 Star Wars Jedi Arena Parker Bros Ask
$2.00 Street Racer Atari Ask
$3.00 Super Breakout Atari Ask
$1.00 Super Challenge Baseball M-Network Ask
$1.00 Super Challenge Football M-Network Ask
$1.00 Super Cobra (torn label) Parker Bros Ask
$2.00 Superman Atari Ask
$2.00 Surround Atari Ask
$2.00 Target Fun Sears Telegames Ask
$2,00 Tennis Activision Ask
$5.00 Trick Shot Imagic Ask
$3.00 Vanguard Atari Ask
$2.00 Venture Atari Ask
$2.00 Venture Coleco Ask
$2.00 Video Checkers (PAL format) Atari Ask
$2.00 Video Chess Atari Ask
$2.00 Video Olympics (w/ pong) Atari Ask
$2.00 Video Pinball Atari Ask
$2.00 Warlords Atari Ask
$2.00 Warlords Sears Ask
$3.00 Warplock Data Age Ask
$2.00 Yar's Revenge Atari Ask
Atari 5200 Games    
Price Game Company Manual
$2.00 Centipede Atari  
$2.00 Defender Atari  
$1.00 Football Atari  
$1.00 Galaxian Atari Y
$2.00 Missile Command Atari Y
$1.00 Pac-Man Atari Y
$2.00 Pole Position Atari  
$3.00 Qix Atari  
$8.00 Q-Bert Parker Bros.  
$2.00 Soccer Atari Y
$3.00 Space Invaders Atari  
$2.00 Star Raiders Atari  
$2.00 Super Breakout Atari  
$10.00 Wizard of Wor CBS  
Atari 7800 Games    
$2.00 Ms. Pac-man Atari  
$2.00 Pole Position II Atari  

We are always interested in unusual Atari items,
and carts we don't have in our collection.

E-Mail if you are interested or have questions.
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