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updated  February 7, 2010

Classic video game pages, Atari 2600, 5200 & 7800 info.

Stores and businesses.

Atari - is now owned by video game publisher Infogrammes
AtariAge - The AtariAge store has homebrew games, circuit boards and much more. Highly recommended. - Systems, games, and accessories for sale.
B & C ComputerVisions - Atari parts, carts, hardware, and supplies.
Video Game Connections - classic carts for sale
Good Deal Games - A huge site with everything you can imagine.
Game Over? - Visiting Amsterdam? Drop by Game Over, classic and modern games for many systems.

Individual collectors with items for sale or trade.
Paul Slocum - His 2600 and music projects are amazing. Paul's band Tree Wave is unlike anything you have heard. 
ResQsoft- Classic game projects and info.
4Jay's Classic Games - game carts and systems for sale
Atari Gaming Headquarters - Great website
Chuck's Atari cart list. - List of Atari games in my personal collection.
Chuck's trade and for sale list - Extra games and products for sale

Informational pages
My own Atari FAQ
AtariGuide - A great informative site with a price guide, label guide, games for sale and more. 
Atari Age - Best Atari site on the web.
The Console FAQ section of Gamefaqs - The official Atari FAQ. - Mercury Hess now runs
Atari Planet - News, info, sales, emulators - The definitive Atari resource
Mountain King Easter Eggs - A page devoted to the CBS game Mountain King.
The Classic Videogame Nexus - No longer updated, still has some good links. - Their Atari section has some interesting Atari history and business data.
Glenn's Guides - Glenn's has step by step guides on running older DOS games under windows.

Atari 2600 Programming Information
Schells Electronics - Home of the Cuttle Cart, a great development tool as well as a modern Supercharger replacement
Dan Boris's Atari 2600 Tech Info Homepage
Nick Bensema's Atari 2600 Programming Page

Non-Atari Classic Gaming Pages
World Book Tutorvision - I was lucky enough to find one of the very rare Tutorvision consoles

Modern Gaming Pages
Gamerdad - Game reviews from a parental perspective

Interactive fiction
Malinche Entertainment - New professionally written interactive fiction games. A must see for Infocom fans.


Visit the world famous Pac-Man Virtual Museum.
Featuring more Pac-Man related stuff than you can imagine.
Click here to enter the museum.

Other cool Pac-Man links

The Pac-man Dossier - The most comprehensive guide to the Pac-man arcade game available. A must see. - A new Pac-Man museum absed in Germany
Mame World Pac-man Guide - My favorite site for Pac-man game patterns. Lots of other great info too.
The Pac-Star: Pac-man Stickers and Rub-Offs Website - Kevin J. North's cool knowledge base.
Bubbbledog's eighties collections - Nice Pac-man section plus the Snorks and more. - Download a cool freeware Pac-man game done in a gothic style.
Paku Paku - A modern twist on Pac-Man.
First Church of Pac-Man - A great Pac-page, very inspirational.
Jeff's Pac-Man Page - One of the first Pac-pages. - Pac-Man Fever re-released!
Kris High's Pac Page - Downloadable Pac-Man games!


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General Mame Help -

Mame rom sets on DVD -

Mame rom download sources -
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More Mame Info -
MAWS Mame rom info site -

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