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Pac-Man featured in Magazines & Books

Pac-man Collectibles by Deborah Palicia.
Deborah's book has a lot of great photos of Pac-man items along with a price guide.
She has quite a few items pictured that I had never seen before.

The prices listed in the book are higher than I would have guessed, although it's common knowledge that we at the Pac-man Museum are pretty tight with our quarters. :)

You can email Deborah at if you would like to get a copy for yourself.


Bananas Magazine

A recent Pac-man sighting in Sally Forth from 1/26/2003

My husband really tried to get a Pac-Man cocktail for our dining room table but I vetoed it

I kinda wish Pac-Man would've got Bobby

Not sure why Pac-Man only rated Mad's Man of the Year and not Time

What the MP3 player was made for. Digital music.

Pac Man in TV Week -He's a hot new cartoon

TV Week from January 2002 with coverage for The 80's Show.

Play With Yourself, this turned out to be a video game humor book geared towards an adult audience. I suppose the title says it all.

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