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Pac-Man Time Keeping Devices

One of my favorites. A Bradley alarm clock. Loud ticking, loud alarm, and it doesn't tell me the weather, but boy is it cool.

Paxxon wall clock. Pac-Man spins and the center of his mouth tells the correct time.

The Ms Pac-Man version from Paxxon. Bud was kind enough to find both of the Paxxon clocks for us. He's found us the impossible many times.

I've never seen the Paxxon watch, I can only look at the ad.

Nelsonic Pac-Man game watch. On the cutting edge of technology, you can tell the time and play Pac-Man. Why did they stop making these? What else is there to do in business meetings?

A huge box of unknown origin arrived on our doorstep and to our surprise this was in it. Beautifully handcrafted from an old school clock, it's one of our treasures. Thanks Steve.

Tan LED display watch, sigh, we could never get it to work.

Bradley watch, the face is indentical to the alarm clock but not near as loud.

Another needlepoint project, this one keeps time

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