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Pac Invaders 2.0

Game Instructions

What's new in 2.0 -

The ghosts now make a sound and explode when hit, rather than just dissapearing.
The left difficulty switch will turn on and off shield visibility, invisible shields adds a bit of a challenge.
There are also some changes to the code to help it make more sense to me when I go back and look at it later.

Game Instructions -

You need one Joystick Controller plugged in to the left controller port of your Atari 2600 to play Pac Invaders 2.0.

Your objective is to score as many points as possible within the 2 minute 30 second time limit. Points are scored each time you hit a ghost with a shot from your Fuji Cannon.

After you destroy all 36 ghosts, a new wave of ghosts will appear on the screen. Each new wave of ghosts will start from a position one row closer to the bottom until they reach the lowest position possible.

Each time your cannon is hit by one of the ghost’s laser bombs the game pauses temporarily, robbing you of valuable scoring time.

When you fire your Fuji Cannon it will not fire again until your laser blast hits a target, or disappears off the top of the screen.

The difficulty switches, select, and BW/Color switches have no effect in this game. The reset switch or the joystick button will start the game. Let go of the joystick button when you hear the end of game sound, or you could reset the game without seeing your score.

Periodically during a game, the Bonus Ghost will fly across the top of the screen. He can move either left to right or right to left. The Bonus Ghost is worth 400 points when you hit him, making him more valuable than any other target (see SCORING). He can only taunt you, he does not drop laser bombs.

There are three barricades positioned on the screen between your Fuji Cannon and the ghosts. If the left difficulty switch is set to A before you start the round the barricades will be invisible. Setting the switch to B between games will make them visible again. As you and the enemy hit the barricades, they become damaged allowing laser beams from your cannon and laser blasts from the enemy to pass through. If the ghosts touch the shields they will disappear completely.


In wave 1 the Ghosts are worth 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 points in the bottom through top rows respectively. In wave 2 they are worth 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 points. The value of each row increases by 5 in each successive wave. The value of each target stays the same as it drops lower on the screen.

The score is displayed at the top, left side of the screen. The score will disappear when The Bonus Ghost flies across the screen, it will reappear when he leaves the screen or is hit by a laser blast. Remember he is worth a 400 point bonus.

Enjoy the game!

Game Over

Pac-Invaders was based on a disassembly of coke wins, a 2600 game that few people had a chance to play. You can see coke wins in the 2600 sections of

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