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Pac-Man Kid Toys

Pac-Man Colorforms, I always loved Colorforms and to have a Pac-Man set is really cool

A Pac-Man toy from Tomy. Pushing the red buttons launches the Pac-Man, you try to catch them on the cherries.

Pac-Man Panic, you catch the marbles in Pac-Man's mouth, which slides open and closed, and make a hellacious racket while doing it.

Pac-Man Magic Slate, as a kid EVERYBODY had one of these and having a Pac-man one is just icing on the cake

One of my favorites. We gave these to my husband's dad for fun many years ago and he saved them for us all these years, he's a sweetie

A matching set of Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man bubble sets. I'm not sure how fun they are since I don't want to destroy the packages

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